Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nepal:Crash of Inclusion?

Crash of Inclusion?
Krishna H. Pushkar

After a huge efforts and analysis, I concluded, the presently adopted our State’s social inclusion policy & strategy are appears to me erroneous, unfair, and technically poor. In general, I would say, Nepal’s presently introduced social inclusion policy is virtually crashed and need to work from zero level, if state has realized social inclusion is an essential chapter of its undergoing new constitution and governance matters. As an honest apprentice of conflict affairs, I am not in unfasten favor or disfavor about the newly introduced hideous inclusive policy and provisions of Madhesi, Janjaati-Aadivasi-Dalit-Mahila in public affairs accordance with their demands or even not in the recently reached agreement between GoN and Tharu or GoN and Muslim etc.

I really shocked to observe, even the short period of adopted inclusion policy found full of annoyance and duds that results unexpected violence and destructions in many part of Nepal. In addition, the provisions also started to produce ethno-communal dustups, disharmony, riots and many more tensions among the Nepalese and its diversity. It is threshing the inherent pluralistic superiority and its beauty. I do not see any future and prosperous potentialities of such inclusive provisions and policies that create undesirable tensions and drive the country towards disintegration since its beginning. We could also consider an example of India, which is in front of our sight, so I do not feel essential to describe more on the issue. Therefore, I request to the all respective authorities and scholars to rethink on the exiting state’s inclusive policies and strategy of Nepal, if the goal is to achieve sustainable peace and harmony.

In my opinion, reservation or quota should not be granted at all in the basis of gender, cast or ethnicity; rather it should be granted on scientifically researched socio-economic indicators and conditions of particular individual & its family ground (related to the provision of civil service act of Nepal).

I will be always ready and interested to extend and share my brief views and ideas to develop the needy socio-economic indicators and conditions, if someone wants to work and concentrate more in the issues. I look forward to your kind response and productive discussion.

Thank you.

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