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Notorious Civil Servant Award Survey 2007-08

After a long research and observation Nepal Officers Online is planning to declare every year “Notorious Civil Servant of the Year” on the basis of various indicators and online public voting system. The declared person will receive a “Tarnished Certificate” with cash of $ 1 through post. It will provide up to 5 people. The decision will be widely distributed through worldwide Medias and news agencies. Specially, it will publish in beginning through Nepal Officers Online Channels. The motive of the horrible award is to discourage the corruption, ill professionalism, incompetences, sick service delivery, failure administration/diplomacy, failure representation, poor decision making, hello effects, affiliation level of Chakri Chaplusi, malpractices and more ill practices that has been deeply rooted in Nepalese bureaucracy. This is social punishment tool, which will more effective than legal treatments, especially in Nepalese context. Hence, we believe that it will help to improve the good governances and also to improve the democratic norms and public diplomacy in our beloved country.

A special reporting and coordinative mechanism has been set up in all most all central level governmental including diplomatic agencies of Nepal Government. The team has formally started their work from October 1, 2007. The main duties of the teams are to collect the concrete report of the employed officials concerning their professional capabilities, working efficiencies, leadership role, corruption involvement, and performances on public views, mal practices, involvement in controversial issues, collect public and subordinates views, consideration of inclusion in decision making, incompetence, poor representation, ill service delivery , Hello effect, Chakri-Chaplusi, governance level and more.The team will directly report to the central nominee board that is responsible for final declaration. The board members are belong to governmental, non governmental authorities and independent too, who are currently living in US, Europe, Japan, Australia and some retired most senior national personalities living in Nepal. However, the secretarial coordinative role is performed by a professor of Political science currently living Nepal.

Moreover, our team also decided to mention secrecy to avoid the possible security and professional thereat of all involved team members, online voters and the people who will send or express any opinion concerning the work or nomination for the “Notorious Civil Servant of the year 2007”. Therefore, we would request to our all members, subscribers, and interested to send their views, opinions freely using our Online Form. We promise that all emails, writing transaction,survey form and messages will be kept secret and neither disclose at any condition.The major important point is that we do not keep or record your any private data and information.

“Notorious Civil Servant of the Year 2007”will be declared in the first week of January 2008. Therefore, Please participate filling our Online survey form.

Fill survey form

Notorious Civil Servant Award Survey 2007-08

Greater the number in rating greater is the magnitude of evil in concerned topic under Survey.
Example: If one is worth nothing, his Incompetence Level would be rated around "5"

Name of Nominee:



Professional Details




Service Delivery:


Leadership Quality:


Iniquitous operation and management:


Hello persuade and Nepotist:

Highly PursuableExtremely NepotistPursuable and NepotistStubborn(Not pursuable)Wise and Honest

Inter and Intra-diplomacy:


Interpersonal skill and capability:


Feudal and discriminative organization behavior:

PrimitiveExtremeSometimesNot at all

Unproductive and Apathetic:
Nikamma(Useless)PatheticMediocreGood and ActiveGood and Proactive

Quality circle:

Full of retardsFull of FoolhardiesFull of MediocreGoodCharismatic

Professional quality:


Wrong men in wrong place:


Clarify your answer, if your answer is "NO" Where he suits best?

Special cases with justifiable remarks. If any:

Overall Governance level:

If you wish to Include a few of your details:

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