Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don’t Split Two Ministries, if Requried, Split Ministry of Labour and Transport

People surprised to learn that present government is going to split the existing two ministries that include ministry of agriculture and cooperative and ministry of physical planning and works. I think it is neither good idea nor justified yet to split the ministries without having reasonable justification and necessary O & M. The decision may bring several disadvantages and mal-practices in both areas.

If required, our government can immediately break the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management. Scientifically, administratively and managerially the both areas transport and labour cannot be put together. Internationally, there are no such practices exist in any country where Ministry of Labour and Transport Management put together in a one ministry, but it is in Nepal as a big strange.

Therefore, I just suggest to our all respective leaders to split the existing Ministry of Labour and Transport Management into two different Ministries. They can name them as:

1. Ministry of Transport Management and

2. Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

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