Sunday, April 25, 2010

Irregularities and Corruption in Issuance of Driving License

Dear all members and subscriber of Nepal Officers Online,

I am writing about an issue on “Irregularities and Corruption in Issuance of Driving License” As most of you know that recently I am working in Ministry of Labor and Transport Management as a capacity of Under Secretary. Currently I am taking care an investigation case about the involvement of govt. officers in excessive irregularities and corruption in license issuance at Driving License Office, Bagmati, Kathmandu. Actually, this case belongs to National Vigilance Center and also regularly dealt by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). Some of the national media and news houses have also aired the issue under priority. It is because the case is not only matter of corruption and irregularities but also concerned with national security threats, so we all true citizen must pay honest attention and contribute to address the issue properly.

Of course, I am having serious threats since I have started the investigation. Just yesterday night, I have received a threat call from a self-claimed powerful people of Ministry of General Administration over telephone, he said that he will take any necessary action or may transfer me somewhere else immediately if I do not give up or quite from the case. He forced me to dismiss the case without any delay because one of the accused officers is his very close friend. However, I am not worried at all and ready to face with any upcoming situation without affecting the spirit and ethics of the investigation. Indeed, we will try our best to find out the truth and reach in logical end of the ongoing case.

Therefore, I would like to request you all to share me the related suggestion, ideas, opinions and facts related to the irregularities and corruption in issuance of Driving License at Kathmandu valley. Kindly share us through emails, phones call or any suitable means in accordance with your convenience.
Once again, I thank you all for your continuous helps and cooperation.


Krishna Hari Pushkar

(Under Secretary)

Ministry of Labor and Transport Management

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