Thursday, September 6, 2007


This group solely works for Nepalese and it's concerned people, groups or institution. The group is committed to institutionalize the democratic norms and values to make the country more modern, dynamic, stable and inclusive in the era of 21st century. Thus, we request to all who have interest to share and discuss varieties of recent national and international issues concerning contemporary Nepalese social, political, academic, professional, cultural, economical, and administrative and other. It is the intellectual exercise online forum without any border or limitation of opinion.

Further, we will also share the information about national and international opportunities (scholarships, trainings, seminar, fellowship, workshop, simulation, symposium, etc.).

You may ask any kinds of academic, professional, administrative, legal and procedural aspects regarding public affairs, counselling and advisory matters etc. You may post also your professional messages, issues, important blogs, research oriented articles and abstract etc. Same time, we are requesting & expecting ethical writing discipline while providing your text.

Moreover, we also used to do online companions, lobbying, signatures collection, public complains, petition, memorandum etc and work as a civic professional group to pressurize Governments, UN, EU, World Bank, global bilateral or multi latter agents in particular rational and legitimate issues.

For your kind information, currently, we are connected with more than 200,000 peoples, institutions & professional of the different parts of the world through different online groups.

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