Sunday, September 2, 2007

PhD in Political Systems and Institutional Change

The main goal of the doctoral Program is to form analysts holding deep and up-to-date knowledge in various fields, among which political and institutional theory, law and political economy, able to plan and manage collaborative and integrated processes at the international level. This profile can be placed as an executive/official in public organizations at regional, national and supranational level, as well as in private enterprises, financial institutions, and specialized research institutions

PhD Call

Political Systems and Institutional Change <http://www.imtlucca .it/phd_programs /political_ systems/index. php>

December 7th 07
Classes start in March 08

Undergraduate students can apply
if they obtain their degree before
January 20th, 2008

15 positions and scholarships

* 15 students: no tuition fees + free access to IMT Canteen + a laptop computer assigned for all the PhD period
* 8 students: full grants (annual grant amounts +/- 10.560 Euros gross)
* 8 students: free accommodation

IMT Distinctive Features

IMT is an international graduate school that promotes cutting-edge research in areas with clear practical relevance, contributing to form international professional elites for business and institutions.

Research and teaching programs at IMT focus on institutional and technological change, the role of organizations and markets in economic systems, the analysis of complex systems in social sciences, computer science and engineering.

IMT aims to recruit students with high potential in a fast-moving global environment where research institutes and universities compete to attract resources and human capital. To do so, IMT uses international selection standards and seeks candidates from all around the globe.

The IMT community is the result of a vibrant interaction of students and scholars, building upon the campus system and residential services provided by the Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research.

PhD Courses are held in English and student curricula and performance is continually assessed through rigorous evaluation processes.

IMT is an International Graduate School

Founded by:

* LUISS Guido Carli, Rome
* Politecnico di Milano
* Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies
* University of Pisa
* Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research

Online applications only at:

www.imtlucca. it <http://www.imtlucca .it/>

Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

Tel.: +39.0583 4326561
phdapplications@ imtlucca. it

[download advertising pdf <http://www.imtlucca .it/phd_programs /call_for_ applications/ _doc/call2007. pdf> ]

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