Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nepal: Should CIAA Secretary Kafle and His Team Resign In Moral Ground?

By Krishna Hari Pushkar

CIAA Secretary Mr. Bhagabati Kumar Kafle has been read as one of the most controversial and capable secretary in the history of CIAA, who has been illegitimately using the commissions' full rights and authorities in accordance with his vested interest, ignoring the organizational ethics and professionalism. Nowadays, Kafle along with his core team came under a severe hullabaloo.


The existing secretary of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Mr. Bhagabati Kumar Kafle, has been one of the most controversial and capable secretaries in the history of CIAA. He has been illegitimately using the commissions' full rights and authorities in accordance with his vested interest, ignoring the organizational ethics and professionalism. Nowadays, Kafle, along with his core team, came under a severe hullabaloo.

The ongoing investigative approaches of the State Affairs Committee (SAC) of parliament found that CIAA secretary Kafle and some members of his core team are involved in a government land transfer scam (the transfer of ownership of the UN Park-land at Thapathali to individuals). The documents related to the scam show that they are directly involved in initiating, forwarding and submitting the files to get decided in abnormal ways concentrating on the interest of particular individuals. Therefore the State Affairs Committee of Parliament suspects that secretary Kafle and some other officials of CIAA are directly involve in the case of authority abuse and corruption. Perhaps, this is first time in history where SAC started such investigation case against CIAA officials, but it is yet to be exposed whether corrupts were working in anti-corruption areas.

In general, Kafle is very honest, hardworking, intelligent, technically sound, ethical, professional, capable and academically strong personality. He has tried to elevate the image of CIAA and he has succeed in many ways till now. He also won better public trust in some extend. Besides, there are many incidents occurred where developmental activities, technological advancement, governance projects, crime control projects, and other multi-million dollars of government investment have been collapsed and gone wastage due to his unethical interference, poor vision and ill-intentioned coercive instruction to the various public authorities. He has succeeded to terrorize almost all civil and political system of Nepal without having proper legal or practical empirical ground.

Mr. Kafle and company have also made some corrupt decision against the law of Nepal, consequently respective authorities who victimized were forced to accept all illegal and baleful decisions and instruction of Mr. Kafle, because of many technical and legal constraints. Some evidences may be presented publicly if required. Mr. Kafle and his team also affronted and dishonored many public employees. He was successful in imprisoning and throwing out of service too many people, especially for those people who were found involved in similar ways. Therefore, he should not go beyond from the accountability trouncing his key role as secretary and investigation officers of his team in each and every decisions of CIAA. It may be considered mentally paralyzed if someone claims CIAA secretary and investigation officers have no role in decisions taken by CIAA in any case and issues against corruption and authority abuse.

It is not expected that he and his team should immediately resign or thrown out from CIAA, just because to provide enough and adequate space for honest and truthful investigation process of the SAC. However, it is always judicious and mindful to consider their own ethical and moral ground for such high-sounding personalities while suspected and accused in an involvement of corruption or authority abuse. The recent resignation of Finance Secretary Mr. Rameshwar Kahnals' case may be used as an example while thinking on ethical or professional ground of honest public officers.

The general public may not be able to judge whether Kafle and his accused team should resign immediately just because SAC accused and claimed the involvement of CIAA secretary Kafle and his team in a case of corruption and authorities abuse along with ex-commissioners of CIAA. However, general eyes can say, if Kafle and his team are innocent, than commissioners also, if the commissioners are guilty than Kafle and his team also, they cannot be proved innocent at any degree because secretary and investigation officers have to involve in entire pre decision to post decision phases of all cases of corruption and authorities abuses administered by CIAA.


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