Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Conference on Transitional Issue of Nepal

Dear Friends,

With pleasure we inform you that Canada Forum for Nepal is organizing a major conference on Nepal's transitional issues from October 5th to 7th in Ottawa, Canada. Titled "Unfolding Futures: Nepalese Economy, Society and Politics," this conference brings together the research work of scholars from Canada, Nepal, India and the United States in a pursuit to broaden the knowledge required for building fair, peaceful, prosperous, and democratic society in Nepal. Prof. Ronald L. Watts, Canada's most highly regarded researcher in governance, will be delivering the keynote speech. A Rhodes Scholar and Oxford Ph.D., Prof. Watts was the Vice Chancellor of Queens University and Director of Institute of Intergovernmental Affairs. He remains a world renowned scholar in the understanding of federalism, a topic being critically debated in Nepal. The biographies of the presenters are posted on cffn.ca website (http://cffn. ca/events/ bio.php).
Coinciding with the conference, CFFN is also organizing its annual event Himalayan Heartbeat - a cultural night showcasing Nepalese performing arts - on the evening of October 6, 2007. This program is an introduction of salient features of Nepal to invited guests, NGO representatives, mountaineers, and the public. Last year we had the privilege of inviting renowned mountaineer Andrew Brash, who acclaimed world media attention for abandoning his own ascent below the summit of Mt. Everest to help save the life of an Australian mountaineer, as a keynote speaker. This year our featured speaker will be Hon. Marion Dewar, who was the Mayor of Ottawa, National Chair of Oxfam, and Member of Parliament. She led the efforts in providing homes to thousands of Southeast Asian refugees in Ottawa and to enshrine equal rights for women in the Charter of Rights and Freedom in Canada. We will also be honoring Canadian Aerospace Engineer, Meagan McGrath, who became the youngest Canadian woman to successfully climb the Seven Summits of the world when she scaled the summit of the Mt. Everest in May 2007.
With a conviction that our endeavors must benefit both Canada and Nepal, CFFN is working as a bridge between Canadian public who are concerned about global issues and the people of Nepal. CFFN is initiating an educational project to help enhance the quality of education delivered through the public schools of rural Nepal with the use of modern technology and international volunteerism. Consequently, education remains an important theme for both programs. The half-day session of October 7 is also dedicated to education in Nepal in which Dr Aditya Jha, President of POA Educational Foundation, COO of Osellus Canada, will deliver the keynote speech. And, we are happy to inform you that all the proceeds from the program will go to the educational project for the disadvantaged children of Nepal.
With this background, we would like to invite you to participate in both the conference and the Himalayan Heartbeat. We hope to see you in the program and have meaningful discussions on the challenges and opportunities that are present in Nepal. We encourage you to visit our website www.cffn.ca/ events for further information. You could also reach us directly through email and phone.

We hope to collaborate with you in our future endeavors of building a better world.

Yours Sincerely,

Pramod Dhakal
Executive Director
Canada Forum for Nepal

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