Saturday, September 15, 2007

Letter of Protest to Prime Minister

Rt. Honorable Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala ,
Prime Minister of Nepal, Office of the PrimeMinister and Cabinet Secretariat, Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

By: Nepal Officers Online on 14 September 2007, submitted through electronic correspondence

Demand action against State Minister of Education and Sports Mr. Rathor.
Your Excellency,
The Members, subscribers and affiliates of the Nepal Officers Online, hereby strongly condemn mishandling and misbehaving scholars especially passing derogatory remarks to a scholar belonging to Madheshi Community. While, the misbehavior to the scholars is a clear misconduct for person holding public position, the remarks passed by the minister is considered to be contempt to the Madheshi community as a whole. Therefore, we, irrespective of our racial origin, are hurt with this event and demand that appropriate action be taken against the concerned minister.

Your Excellency,
This kind of behavior is certainly not warranted and persons holding public position should refrain from this kind of misconduct. The event is more serious at this point because People of Nepal are in the process of reconstruction of the country, regain unity and social harmony. Therefore, we should learn to respect each other irrespective of the race of the person. This becomes more important to the person holding public position. Therefore, The Government of Nepal should always be careful and take action against the culprits who are trying to disturb ethnic and social harmony.

We believe that you may be aware of this event. However, we would like to put more specifically here. On 8th of September, Saturday 2007, the state Minister of Education and Sports Mr. Mohan Singh Rathor hunted and brutally attacked scholars specially a Madheshi Fellow Dr.Shivaji Yadav and others in an annual function organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports at the Nepal Academy Hall in the capital, Kathmandu. (Ref. , it is published in the online issue of 9the September, Sunday on and others media too)

Therefore, we strongly demand 4 courses of action against him, to help cool down the situation and restore dignity and respect for the aggrieved Madhesi community:

Kindly you take immediate action against the offending Minister by relieving him of his job.
Your cabinet apologize to the Madhesi community for your Minister’s conduct.
You order your Home Minister or local administration for immediate arrest of Mr. Rathor and instruct to bring up a court case against him for disturbing communal peace and harmony.
And, assuming that Minister Rathor belongs to a political party, that Party takes immediate action to dismiss him from its membership.

In our view, these are the minimum requirements that would help soothe the hurt feelings and save the nation from fragmentation. Unlike Minster Rathor has also definitely crossed the sacred line.
The Nepal officers Online is an informal and international community of various Nepalese and international peoples and institutions. We have now more than 1700 members and apx 200,000 other affiliated members and subscribers through various online networks.

We believe that you will take our demand and consider our voices seriously.
Thank you
Nepal Officer's Group
Cc to:
The Chiefs/Presidents/General Secretary of Nepalese Political Parties
The Speaker, Interim Parliament of Nepal
The Ministry of Education and Sports
The Ministry of Home Affairs
The Ambassadors and Head of Missions of Kathmandu based all diplomatic agencies and institutions
The Nepalese and international journalists/ The Nepal based NGOs/INGOs

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