Friday, October 5, 2007

What next in Nepal? Most critical remarks!

Dear All Citizens of Nepal!
Finally, over a month deadlock between Maoists and all political parties of Nepal has come to an end. The end came with a BANG of (now seven party) decision "Postopone the CA and conduct it by 14 April 2008" .Let's take the point from here.What will happen next in Nepal till 14 April 2008 or before reaching to that date?I, as, sensibel citizen of Nepal and being the mere spectator till today can say the following.
1. Girija babu, Sher babu, Shushil babu and their deciples will start biting each others head and quarrel internally for anykind of selfish and hidden desires they have by completely forgetting the total Nepal and total Nepali citizen. They may fool us again to justify why Girija Babu's firm statement to conduct CA on 22 November had to be changed despite his commitment until the last moment. So, we all Neplai will keep quiet and follow what these Babus yell.
2. Prachandd babu, Babu Ram babu, Mahara babu and their fierce deciples will invent new strategies to foil everything what comes from others and continuously jeorpardize the environment of politics, economy, social, development, human rights, peoples' right and minimum living environment. They will give birth to a 32 agenda new demands by proclaiming that these are the wayouts to conver old Nepal into New Nepal. Thus, we all Nepali will be constantly fooled by Maoists and we will be waiting and seeing without any reactions.
3. Madhab babu, Jhala Nath babu, Oli babu, Bam Dev babu and their gangs will be shouting here and there without any firm principles and strategy and only try to make most out of the opportunities. They will use all kinds of words and phrases to be near to the people not by concrete plan but by critising all others' work and plans. We Nepalis will be simply keeping quiet.
4. Present structure of the government will be changed- some with new faces, some with new hopes, some with different rles, some with heavy hearts, some with new entusiasm. Most likely, there will be a dogs fight among different stakeholders of the cabinet. Ultimately, the size of the cabinet may beat the record of over 50 ministers consuming the tax paid by all of us poor people. We will be giving benefit of doubt to this cabinet also and become mere spectator.
5. Nepal's economy will beat the record lowest in the history and will be in shambles. We may have to face extreme deficiency of goods and serivices as the price will be sky rocketing. Ultimately, we all will be watching and waiting this scenario and may have to convert ourselves as beggers.
6. International community (UNDP, Worrld Bank, and all big Donors) will see a fortune in Nepal to employ their people in the name of better peace building, economic development, social harmony, education development, etc. Many of us will be thriving for obtaining some shares of this fund from outside and others will be simply swallowing their mouth water.
7. Different groups created by Nepali Congress, Maobadi, UML, Sad Bhabana, Jana Morcha, RPPs, NRPPs, and many others will do their best to cut Nepal into pieces. Most likely before 14 April 2008, we will be divided into 50 different provinces (free republic states) with presidents and cabinets. This will result no central government like now. I do not knwo where Girija Babu, Prachanda Babu, Madhab Babu, Sher Babu, Pashupati Babu, Surya Bahadur Babu, Amik Babu, Bijuckche Babu, Rajendar Babu, Hridayash Babu and manu Babus will find their place as Presidents in these 50 provinces of Nepal. I have a worry here, where does our beloved Gyanendra Maharaj will be placed? Will any Babu be generous to adopt Gyanendra Maharaj and show any mercy? May be where Girija Babu and Prachanda Babu are there.
8, 9, 10, 11.......... ......... ......... .....n
Like wise there could be many more new changes taking place in Nepal and this will prove the loveliest slogan " NEW NEPAL" of all so called political parties. At least we all sensible citizen of this country will not have towait very long to see our New Nepal. Lets all wait till 14 April 2008 being deaf, dumb, paralized, very obedient spectators.
Thank you.
With regards,
Devi P. Dahal
Cnt. by nex email posting:
I assume there is no need to mention what I mean by "fierce claws of Nepali politicians" and the "failed government".Using my conscience, education, training, experience, exposure, professional attachments and above all being the constant observer of the activities in the country for the last many years; I have the following prescriptions for all Nepali to rescue the country from prevailing "fierce claws of Nepali politicians" and the "failed government".
1. Fifteen million Nepali should come to the roads, and:
a. Drive out present government (ministers and the major arms of the government);
b. Drive out all the top 5 to 10 leaders of all the political parties;
c. Suspend all donors' support for at least 3 months;
d. Ask all diplomatic missions to keep quiet for 2 months;
e. Allow public and private development activities to continue within the available norms and standards for the time being;
f. Suspend 10 high ranking officials of all military, police, investigation department, and security systems;
g. Suspend the monarchy system and ask the King his family to declare as normal citizen of Nepal in public;
h. Form a Professional 9 member government from among the clean, educated (at least master degree holders), never indulged in corruption & crime, having at least 10 years of work experience in relevant portfolio (e.g. for education minister in training and education, for finance minister in economics and business management etc.). The ratio of female to male should be 60:40 in the government. The members of the government should sign in public for transparency, fair dealing, obeying/strictly following rule of law, work as role models, never indulge in politics, corruption and crime. Further, if there is a criticism from the public will resign immediately and help others to stay away from such things.
i. Declare 3 years' interim period to streamline all socio-economic, political, geo-political, legal, developmental, diplomatic, and system development activities. This interim period will be steered by a "Benevolent Dictatorial Type of Government" with all powers bestowed by the public.
2. The Professional Government will:
a. Revamp the existing policies, plans, rules and regulations to be inclusive, just, simple, and accessible to all. These should be made short and simple for the time being considering all the anomalies and discrepancies.
b. Form five dedicated teams to work on Education system, Economic system, Social system, Political system, Religious system with clear TORs and mandate. Team formation should be done from well designed selection system in a transparent, fair and inclusive manner.
c. Invest in five to ten mega projects to create at lest 50000 jobs each year.
d. Invest 40% of the national budget in employment focused education, vocational education, and skill training.
e. Develop long term & medium plans and systems as well as mechanisms for smooth functioning of political parties, government (judiciary, legislative, and executive arms), donors, diplomatic missions, and visioning Nepal for the next 50 years with national goals and strategies communicated to all the Nepalis.
f. Allow all the political parties, army, police, investigation department, judiciary, NGOs, INGOs, public and private organizations to revamp their current vague, ambiguous, non-transparent, complex, non-inclusive and clumsy rules, regulations, norms and prove to be actual public service oriented within a specified time frame.
g. Allow foreign donors, investors, diplomatic missions and UN agencies to participate in the discussions of national agenda for potential investment and supports to Nepal.
h. Activate Election Commission in all manners to conduct Constituent Assembly election within 2.5 years of the interim government formation.
i. Develop norms and ethics for the next government in an inclusive manner by inviting representatives from the elected members fro constituent assembly.
j. Facilitate, to form an elected government from among the constituent assembly members.
k. Develop handing over taking over strategy and handover the executive power to the elected government.
l. Remain in half power as advisor to the elected government until the New Constitution is passed by the assembly.
This is the only option that we have now if we have to develop Nepal as actual New and prosperous Nepal.
Devi P. Dahal

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