Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Letter of Diplomatic Complaint:

The Ambassador,
Spanish Embassy in India for India/Nepal, New Delhi.

Government of Spain:
Sub: Request for urgent action!
The Prime Minister,
The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Minister of Internal Affairs
The Chief, Department of Immigration

Government of Nepal:

Sub: Request for urgent action!
The Prime Minister
The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Minister of Home Affairs
The Ambassador of Nepal to India
The Missions/Consulates, European countries

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

This is Krishna Hari Pushkar, an officer of Nepal Government, Ministry of Home Affairs, currently based in Berlin, Germany and primarily involved in the field of peace and conflict research.

I would like to express my strong protest on the atrocious behavior of your mission towards the Nepalese families. As you might be acknowledged of numerous Nepalese families (more than 60) had applied for visa in your mission as per your certified process, although visa seekers are apparently in anguish and facing inhuman torture by your mission since last 6 months. The most disgusting is that, neither your mission granted visa nor issued refusal notice as per immigration clearance criterion. Mr. Ambassador, please be aware, they are agonized just because of your maladministration and corrupt visa policy approach which is serious matter to condemn.

I must state, your adapted policy and visa decisions process are completely against the EU family reunion policy, Spanish family reunion policy and of course, it is a black and white abuse of concerned human rights and convention's clauses. Additionally, your continuous manhandling behaviors with Nepali visa cases proved that how you dishonor your own state’s decisions, diplomatic prestige and international diplomatic norms. Moreover, I must draw your serious attention that all visa seeker families had submitted their applications only after receiving complete legal approval and permission from your concerned authorities of Spain. Though, your mission is blocking them since last 6 months producing haphazard superficial causes and mal-bureaucratic grounds, which strongly contrasts your own adjacent authorities in Spain too. The most ridiculous is, you are neither responding the visa application in proper decisive way nor implementing the decision of your own government. It is really beyond the diplomatic norms to understand, why your mission is so rude towards the Nepalese files? Could your present any justification?

I have personally consulted to your various authorities and inquired them about the processes. But, I was unable to find any causes of delay or objectionable matters issuing them visa. For your references, kindly consider the correspondences of our Honorary Nepalese Mission which has been seriously consulting, investing, writing frequently on these cases. However, I won’t deny any problematic circumstances in a particular file but most applicants meet the requirement as per Spanish Law. Therefore, could you issue your official version of Statement on such pathetic behavior towards Nepalese citizens?

Mr. Ambassador, you must know most of them are with children and belong to poor financial background, but your wicked visa policy is compelling them to suffer since last 6 months, why? What about Spanish commitment towards the family reunion policy? What about the Spanish assurances towards global women and children rights? Is it your national policy to push people of under-developed nations or dozens of women/children on the beggar-street? Please know they are combating for survival, food and lodge in Delhi, conclusively, getting tormented of your discriminatory and malicious bureaucratic behavior.

Mr. Ambassador, the women/children are neither able to stay constantly in Nepal nor in India, just because of your defective decision making approach. I have personally consulted with the victims. They told me their grief, they are somehow surviving and struggling in India with a little hope that one day they will be issued visa and would be able leave for Spain, where they would have opportunity to meet their respective parents and families or relocate their life in Spain as per approved legal decision by Government of Spain. I was shocked to see the children detached from the family, schooling, proper food, lodge and living less-life. They go everyday to the door of your mission and return without any verdict since last 6 months. So, it would certainly be consider as a crime. I think you are responsible authority to handle such problem, otherwise such cases could be transformed into other terrible forms or give birth to matters of conflict or terrorism as you see in plenty cases, you could observe lack and ineffective integration policy and such wretched visa matters are also sometimes specified as causes of terrorism and more in various incidents, so kindly be serious and find immediate solution for such disputes.

Moreover, Nepal and Spain vows good diplomatic relationship, so you do not have any personal right to erode the bilateral relationship by adopting such irrational visa policy, which is even against the legal arrangement of Spanish government. However, it is the matter of serious investigation. Your mission must understand that such discriminatory behavior could also affect the people2people and state2state relationship. Therefore, I protest your brutal and inhuman visa policy in strong terms. Kindly end the chaos of your decision and grant visa compensating them adequately. Mr. Ambassador, please consider your existing family visa policy is no more acceptable to any human beings. So, I request you for immediate and effective help and action to reform the existing criticized visa disputes. Thank you.

Sincerely yours’

Krishna Hari Pushkar

Berlin, Germany

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