Monday, December 3, 2007

Embassy’s house turned into prostitution and drug-addict's centre

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Krishna Hari Pushkar
Berlin, Germany

This is a pity story and a black and white truth about our Embassy’s building in the heart of Europe that currently turned to an illegal prostitution and drug-addict centre. Observers also claimed that it is a centre point for illegal activities and thugs; however, it is still an under-going research. This house might possibly be listed as an illegal activity centre in European security record as well due to the shameful carelessness of Nepalese Foreign Ministry.

I guess majority of conscious Nepalese and Germans are awfully familiar of our beautiful and luxurious building that used to be a principal official building of Nepalese Embassy in Bonn, Germany. The most remarkable is, it is still one and only official building in Germany which was bought by the tax of Nepalese people and still belongs to Nepal Government.

Since our embassy moved to Berlin, it became completely vacant and orphan. The huge and beautiful building and the worthy properties have now become useless and completely ignored due to the raucous lackadaisical management policy of authorities in Nepal. The most shameful pint is, such huge properties are getting weathered and dwindled. Our government is continuously paying thousands of Euros per year as compulsory basic service fee from our taxes to the various German authorities. Isn’t it disgustingly shocking? It seems that our authority’s bench is somehow promoting illegal activities through such approaches. Shame on such guardian-class policy makers!

I have personally invested lots of effort through various approaches and informally interviewed various people and authorities on the existing situation of our beloved Bonn based building. They observed and reported that most of the materials from light bulbs to windows, doors, glass, plants, trees, garden, electronics, sanitations, etc have been hacked or deteriorated. Thugs, Illegal prostitution activities, drug addicts, drunkards and some of unidentified groups around and inside our premises are the most often witnessed horrible scenario at isolated hours of day and night in Bonn’s Building.

Though, one can’t blame our Berlin embassy and Ambassador for such a horrible situation, for I learned during my investigation that our Ambassador has been trying his best since last few years to resolve this problem. Selling the Bonn’s building and buying a new one in Berlin would have been a better solution and our Embassy here kept no stones unturned to sell the building under the proper provisions by government of Nepal but unfortunately embassy’s hands are cuffed to do anything other than writing and discussing the issue with senior bureaucrats and leaders; as Nepal’s law only permits Ministry of foreign affairs and our cabinet to resolve such issues. Embassy and Ambassador have repeatedly asked and approached officially and personally to the ministers, ministry and the secretaries regarding the problem. Despite the fact is that no one cares about the issues, they always have a beautiful smile and a well set verbal assurance, but the outcome is zilch till now.

I guess there might be some sort of problem in sharing personal benefit and commission among the concerned authorities. An example, our Embassy in London, the building which is hardly in the condition to be sold than Bonn’s building, however, our top concerned bureaucrats and responsible political leaders are insisting and processing to sell the building as early as possible; the question emerges why they are highly focused on UK’s building avoiding the Bonn’s instead?

I challenge our authorities to publicly expose the comparative situational need of selling the Bonn’s building and London’s building! Do they dare to show any rational report in details about the true situation that which one is more significant to be sold immediately? In my opinion, deciding to sell Embassy’s Building in London and turning blind eye to the management of Bonn’s building would be a crime against state and new generation. There can be superficial justifications as the renovation cost would be huge, but here I object and I myself being in the land of Europe, I am well aware of the cost that may range in renovating the oldest of the buildings, taking the UK’s building in concern, It won’t need any more than one tenth of the budget that would otherwise be as commissions or bribe spawned by the sale of this building.

I humbly appeal to all concerned Nepalese to take immediate action against the above mention savage state of affairs. I thank you all for your help and cooperation. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

i just read your article about the former NP-embassy building..yes itz wellknown... many times iwas guest of the embassy...and have best memories... hopefully a good decision can be made soon in this regard...

Claudia said...

Hi Krishna,
I agree with your accusation and claims. As living in neighboring street of the area, I could understand it.Hope Nepal government and embassy will decide something positive immediately.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Krishna,
Das ist schön. Gut gemacht.

Grüße aus Bonn

Anonymous said...

Ich bin nicht einverstanden. Ich denke Botschaft ist voll verantwortlich. Gibt es eine öffentliche Bekanntmachung von Botschaft? Wie Botschaft wollen Verkauf des Gebäudes? Es ist lächerlich zu sagen, dass Botschaft ist nicht verantwortlich.

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