Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nepal’s National Security is Under Threat


1. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister

Government of Nepal

2. Hon. Home Minister,

Government of Nepal

3. Respt. Chief Secretary

Government of Nepal

4. Respt. Home Secretary

Government of Nepal

Subject: Open Letter: National Security System is under Threat”

Dear Extraordinary,

I am very sad and feel huge terror to see the functional pathos of National Investigation Department of Nepal (NIDN), which is the government’s principal intelligence agency collecting, analyzing, and managing information related to country’s internal security and related affairs. Byelaw and practice, the national spy agency NIDN and its overall functional and administrative activities are considered as one of the most secret at all time. Internationally and nationally, the secretiveness of the NIDN’s activities is most indispensable, so universally it is protected by constitution, professional Act and law related to right to information.

Dear extraordinary, the conventional and modern governance system and polity also have no rights to go beyond the universally legitimated parameter of concealment. As we all know that NIDN plays significant role to maintain effective and efficient security system, especially in terms of harmonizing internal security. It prevents from the possible threat on inter-intra national security, equally, it has huge role in balancing the Nepal related diplomatic quandaries between China and India. Also, we know the secrecy is a breath of the any intelligence institution, so no way to maintain intelligence or spy system without respecting the ethics of secrecy.

Extraordinary, I would like to draw your serious attention about the recent publicity of NIDN’s secret report on “Buddhist monasteries involvement in the Free Tibet movement and anti-China activities” that how such secret report came into media besides its huge security and secrecy system. It made me very annoyed and KO'd. You might know that such publicity can damage our bilateral diplomatic relation and could raise further tensions to deal within the neighborhoods. Similarly, I have heard that many NIDN’s secret report is being out via some dishonest officials. Some of the NIDN’s report is being misused against our national interest. Some criminals may have benefitted too. Therefore, it is urgent need for our government to find out immediately that how NIDN’s secret reports become public besides its sophisticated secret proceedings system. Please find out who is guilty and where is fracture in our system?

Extraordinary, please be serious and constitute immediately an experts’ taskforce to find out first that how such important reports came into media? Further, the culprits should be immediately removed out from the NIDN and Home Ministry’s intelligence system. I think Government needs to rethink in overall management and reengineering of NIDN institution, otherwise national security will come under serious threat and national sovereignty may push into crisis, if such thing continues. Please take necessary precautions without delay.

Therefore, as a capacity of Nepalese citizen, I would like to draw your urgent attention to concentrate on the above mentioned issue and address the problem with high priority.

Thank you very much.


Krishna Hari Pushkar,

Suga-4, Mahottari, Nepal December 8, 2009

Email: khpushkar@gmail.com

(Note: Mr. Pushkar is Peace and Conflict Management Professional and Under Secretary of Government of Nepal)

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