Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Government of Nepal is About to End Inclusion System in Civil Service?

Dear All,

I just want to share a bad news concerning the given tries for strategic ending process of all types of reservation (Inclusion Quota) in civil service system. The Ministry of General Administration has forwarded a proposal to cabinet to support the vested interest of some traditionally elite people to end all types of inclusion quota in civil service by necessary strategic and sudden amending in civil service regulation, despite ignoring the fact that it is against the motto of interim constitution and inclusion related commitment of state and government, and also against major legislative arrangement on inclusion.

I do not know, it is good or bad, but it is for sure that Government of Nepal should not take necessary action on forcedly ending process of all type of inclusion without having proper consultation of respective stakeholders. If it happens, Government will get huge trouble and may crate massive chaos and could lead to next destructive another revolution in Nepal, If Government take such action without necessary preparation and precaution. Therefore, multiparty political consensus is required to obtain in advance before to forward such proposal that hampers the spirit and motto of interim constitution and mandate of past political movement.

Thank you.



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