Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crooked Minister and His Bungling Administration

A smutty shame to work with a
Crooked Minister and His Bungling Administration

Observation, Home Ministry, Kathmandu,

Some officers are very infuriated to work under the team of a crocked Home Minister Krishna Sitaula and his bungling administration. The angry officers says, they had never seen and neither heard in any world history that minister and senior administrators are also hold such pitiable morale and ethical ground in democratic governance.

They expressed that they know ministerial top administrators who are very perfect to enjoy and use all the governmental power and resource for their personal remuneration. However, they so called senior administrators (by age and chakari)) always get not succeed when situation ask for their valid role and accountability.

It is just because, they don’t have idea and knowledge that how an administrator should deal with the situation in ongoing transitional crisis period. Neither have they wanted to take risk because of the entirely stupid manner of our home administration approach.

Let put in plain words, since the beginning of Madheshi movement, there is a big demand of Madheshi people that he should resign immediately in morale ground because his bungling administration frequently failed to maintain even minimum law and order in nation and resulted the heavy bloodshed, murders, communal clashes and other violent activities in all over the Madhesh part of nation.

Although, he was protected and didn’t even realize that it is his morale issues. Now, The Kapilvastu and neighboring districts confrontations are another major question towards the Home Minister Situala and his inutile administration. A crosscutting question raised that why a nation need a home minister or home administration? What are the uses for such mechanism if they even not able to fulfill the principal duty to mention fundamental peace and security? We don’t know but should the Nepalese people further continuously accept him as Home Minister, who is coolly watching these episodes of bloody death and murder?

Should Home Ministry protect and promotes the administrators who played either overstepped role or became away from the violent site which produced, hundred of murders, classes and uncountable violent incidents?

It is really serious to know such people and their mentality that how come they are still working on behalf of such posts? Are they belong to criminal mentality or they consider producing violent and conflicts as part of their job? Really shame shame-shame on such people!

If you observe the posting culture, our crook minister promotes and protects the inefficient administrators and deputes the professionally incapable officers in key position of Home Ministry. If you have a look on the professional profile of the majorities CDOs and Police’s chiefs who are in key position since their entry. Then you will find what the reality is and why these majorities’ senior administrators’ guys fail to mention even minimum law and order in their concerned districts and regions.

Let state, in Home Ministry there is no evaluation of professional capacity and no one cares you and any development administration mode, just need to have three major things, either money or power or relative to achieve good posting. Remarkable, good posting means where officials can enjoy high level of corruption, maladministration, drinks and luxurious adult bar facilities. The most serious point is, these all things are systematical shares and approaches to the local-district-regional-central level. Therefore you could evaluate the accumulated level of Minister that how much he involve to push the country in civil war and to build a land like abscond orbit.

Of course, there are some good people too, although their administration style is being failed because they are also suffering with the bungling nature of Situala leadership. These honest people are either rucksack somewhere in useless duties or being asked for unnecessary donation and stuffs, deep influence for unwanted decision and more. They people are getting punish and mental harsh when they perform their true roles and duties. Hence, in such wretched situation, it is oblivious that good people would get failure too.

Moreover, these types of few officials also don’t want to play active role because neither the ministry and nor the minister take responsibility for their doings. However, there seems less thereat, less corruption and less violent where these good people are deputed. One funny things is there are no any norms of scientific performances evaluation of administrators accept the Ghus, goat, wine, and similar things.

In last, it is re-appealed with the crook minister and culprits’ administrators to resign immediately on the moral ground otherwise, patience of people will loose and wide awake of direct punishment to you bad guy for such bad doings. Be aware and save your future by extending your instant resignation otherwise you people will be the next Kamal Thapa and and his team.

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