Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homework on Indo-Nepal relation: Questions:

The list of questions: If you feel you are qualified, in that case please move forward and answer at least few of below mentioned questions. You may help by sending your opinions to us in, that would submit directly through our effective channel to the concerned authorities for their consideration.

1) Given the changing circumstances in both India and Nepal how relevant is the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty? Is there any need to examine the Treaty?

2) If yes what are the aspects that need to be changed?

3) Can India and Nepal ever think of a closed border system? What are the implications of closing the border and making it a normal international border regime?

4) What role can India play in making the theme of New Nepal more robust and inclusive?

5) How does the changing Nepal look at India and its ‘special relations’ with Nepal?

6) Which are the areas that need India’s extensive support in the reconstruction of Nepal?

7) Does Nepal find any models from India worth replicating in meeting the challenges triggered by rising ethnic aspirations in the former?

8) Does Nepal feel and see any kind of Indian influence in the ongoing problems in Terai?

9) What should be the Indian role in addressing the problems in Terai areas of Nepal?

10) Will the newer political alignments impact upon the India-Nepal relations? What are the major aspects that are going to be affected?

11) "India as an opportunity”, is a prolific proposal floated by the policy makers in India. What are the ways Nepal could harness this opportunity?

12) What are the conditions that would bind/divide India and Nepal together for years to come?

13) Is the policy of equi-distance as practiced by Nepal more relevant today?

14) Where does the US figure in the schematic of New Nepal?

15) What is the most desirable role for the US and UK in Nepal?

16) How much of Indian federalism and federal practices are relevant for the New Nepal?

17) What is the likely fall out of the Maoist proposal to stop recruitment of Gurkha soldiers from Nepal in the Indian army?

18) Has India lost its traditionally built constituency in Nepal, if yes why? What are the ways to rebuild the same?

19) Should India change its traditional diplomatic approach to Nepal including the much talked about ‘interventionist role’? In what way?

20) What are the strengths and weaknesses of Indian trade with, aid to and investment in Nepal? Are there any specific means to make these instruments more effective and gainful to both these countries?

21) Why Nepal does not follow the Bhutanese model in the harnessing of water resources jointly with India?

22) What are the models available for India and Nepal to harness the hydel power in the best possible manner?

23) Do the perceived threats from India have undergone any change in the last 3-4 decades? If yes why and how?

24) What are the non-traditional threats (including environmental security) that have emerged in Nepal and in what way it can engage India to address these threats?

25) What are the specific ways of making people to people contact more effective between India and Nepal?

26) How does Nepal look at India’s proposals of spreading and strengthening physical connectivity between India and Nepal?

27) How does Nepal look at China’s proposal to have more intensive economic exchanges including in the services and hydel power sector?

28) How does Nepal look at India’s role in Bhutanese refugee problems?
29) What are the institutions in Nepal that need India’s support for both establishing it firmly and sustaining it?

30) What can change the “anti-Indianism” as the primary basis of “Nepali nationalism”?

31) NGOs: what role they can play in strengthening India-Nepal relations?

32) Do you foresee any formal strategic pact of Nepal with its neighbouring countries?

33) What are the likely major deviations in Nepal’s traditional approach to India, if the CPN (Maoist) is voted into power in Nepal?

34) What are the issues and ways on which India and Nepal can effectively work together in the international forum?
35) Could India and Nepal work together in managing the migrants working abroad?

36) We are fast moving into a situation where there is a possibility of trade in services like communications, banking, insurance, IT taking place in a bid way between India and Nepal? What are your views on this? (Source: kantipuronline)

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