Friday, October 19, 2007

US Mission denied a visa to a Terrorist or a Nepali MP?

US view point

US Mission denied a visa to a Terrorist or a Nepali MP?

It is a sad to know that a member of Interim Parliament, Mr. Nanda Kumar Prasai was denied a visa to enter United States. Mr Prasai is nominated as Nepalese parliamentarian's delegation team member for 62th UN general conventions. There were 22 MPs along with him who had processed to obtain US visa together, however he is only one who rejected by stating a cause that embassy need further instruction from their central authority in his case, now he belongs to Maoist Party in Interim parliament. Moreover, Suresh Aale Magar and Janardan Sharma are also nominated for the delegation team member, although they didn't process until now for visa due to their similar doubts. The analyst says that Mr. Prasai was a just a trial of Maoist to know the US mission's intention first on Maoist, because Maoist cannot afford such insulation of their senior leaders, so it was just a trial.

Now a question emerged that why US mission denied a visa only to Maoist MP?

· The Maoist is still under US terrorist list of deemed "of concern" /Foreign Terrorist Organizations ( Please see more U.S. Designates Foreign Terrorist Organizations )

· Maoist is endlessly breaking all International and diplomatic norms of Political ethics.

· Maoists have been continuously violating the bilateral signed Peace Accord and public commitments.

· Maoist and its wings have been actively involving in violence, and terrorization of whole nation in the name of political activities.

· Maoists have been frequently targeting and attacking on US concerned projects, people including former ambassador.

· Maoists have been still multi lateral and bilateral affiliation with lots of other terrorist organization that are also in the list of global terrorist.

· Nepal Government is not able to extend any special gurantee to the international community for their ordinariness or similarities like other normal political parties.

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