Monday, November 12, 2007

Dirty Politics In Nepal

Prakash Bom -
It is a question of honesty and seriousness of the political leaderships more than of media that spread dirty politics news. Dirty politics is nothing but a partisan politics publicity stunt. It is either stage managed by a party that is not satisfied the way political developments are heading or media is simply manipulating it to draw the public attention for their publicity.

Ours is one of the poorest nations and it is on the verge of the failed nation status. The nation survived centuries' feudal oligarchic regression. The regression was justified by the tradition that was and still is dominated by Hindu's caste system or social stratifications, which has segregated humanity with degradations down to the level of untouchable. Lower caste Hindus, average ethnic group of people and women are still marginalized and deprived.

The entire country has been torn by the decay's of Maoists insurgency. The insurgency has aroused thorough socio-political struggle for marginalized and deprived group of people in entire country. But the change in the political institution levels is not yet established. The country has shaken up with the movements and such engagements are inevitable from every perspective that a privileged group cannot always cage the marginalized and deprived people. This is a global struggle for a basic human living standard that can no longer be deliberately deprived of economic and political opportunities.

Mandates and directions of people's movements have not only baffled the minds of all political leaderships but also stumped legal professionals and news media. At this juncture it is clear to marginalized and deprived people that what they really demand for the political change. But it is the political leaderships of SPA that are not sure. Therefore all of them flip-flop with their mutual agreements and commitments. The interim constitution amendments have been thus the result of such cartwheels. Consequently, national political gridlock idled on the fundamental democratic elements that people have been aspiring

The current political development out of the recent political impasse is an unavoidable democratic process. The SPA member or individual political leadership that is not happy with the way proposals passed in the interim Parliament must not start playing dirty politics for the sake of publicity stunt. The country can no longer afford dirty politics or media mania. The nation needs desperately fundamental change for the institutions of the electoral democracy under the federal democratic republic setups. The rollback on this mandate will create devastating civil war at the cost of innocent people and the international community.

The political statements or accusations of responsible political leaderships that baffles people's aspirations for the change must have supporting evidence and political logic. Otherwise, such news in the media is the result of dirty politics or media mania. For example, NC leader and Peace and Reconstruction Minister Ramchandra Paudel's statement that if proposal for the PR electoral system is accepted the country's politics and political parties will be disintegrated (published on Telegraphic Weekly online) . Basically, the reasoning is arbitrary and it does not have either national supporting evidence (because we have not tried it yet) or international (because the most of successful democratic nations have PR system – dominantly Open List PR).

Mr. Paudel must take the responsibility of such statement. If in case he did not made it, then who shall be responsible? If Mr. Paudel under the current trend claims that media misrepresented his statement then, who can make media accountable? If it is the result of media mania then, how a nation that has not yet completed the people's mandate for the democracy, can bring news media to justice?

Similarly, minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Prithibi Subba Gurung's accusation that there is a fundamental nexus between the Maoists and the palace (published on Telegraph Weekly online and Kantipuronline) needs a solid supporting evidence. Otherwise, it is merely a dirty politics in the wrong place at the wrong time. The nation is running out of time to put up with such random figure pointing to any political party or individual that is active in the current political process. It is a question of responsibility. If Mr. Gurung has not made this accusation but the media mania manipulated his figure of speech then how the media news can be liable is the question of media ethics.

Another accusation by NC leader and former PM Sher Bahadure Deupa that communists are polarizing SPA (published on Kantipuronline) is nothing but reaction that of status quo of a leader who is suffering with the McCarthean symptom. By no means, Nepal can move forward out of the current political gridlock without SPA unity. Our fundamental objective is to establish electoral institutions of the modern democracy in which all political parties can participate. Again if Mr. Deupa's goodwill statement has become the victim of media mania then main news media of Nepal has become hotchpotch of dirty politics news. Surely, its morale lies on partisan politics. Its independence is in stake unless FNJ re-examines it carefully.

News that is based on the individual statements, accusations, remarks, appreciations, and criticisms by the imminent leaders of a society must have reasons to be news headline. If not such news headlines are scandalous paparazzi. Particularly, the political leaderships with their own careless figure of speech have become the victims. Few leaders have been able to maintain their figure of speech before the media. So far GP Koirala, the Prime Minister and NC president is the one who has achieved such capability after April Uprising.

His statement on the successful electoral procedures of the special session of the interim Parliament with participations of Maoists legislators is the example. Despite NC's stage-managed party politics as the Prime Minister and the head of the state he has successfully handled his leadership with the media mania. What help him the most are his principles of democracy on competitive electoral system even though he has been reluctant for the federal republic setups and PR electoral system. This is perhaps due to the lack of exposition (ground reality) and fear of unknown (system yet to practice).

In order to break the political gridlock the noblest thing GP Koirala must do for the nation with the best interest of the people. NC as his political party should not be his priority. Then only he can be adored in the history of Nepal a national hero for a political transformation that has successfully abolished feudal Dark Age politics and established democratic culture of the 21 st century's secular democracy. Only with his decisiveness the nation can move forward with the proposals that can establish inclusive democracy, which he has constituted the phrase himself for the April Uprising
Source: Global Politician

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