Saturday, November 10, 2007

Electoral System: Proportional Vs Mix

Krishna Hari Pushkar

The below attached reports will help people to understand the reality of Proportional and Mix Electoral System. The most of the political leaders and their parties are still unconscious about the theoretical, practical and ground concepts of electoral systems. I trust it would a serious crime against state to impose any electoral system without having serious research and pre-and post simulative impact analysis of such electoral system. Lets’ disseminate the information to the guardian and ordinary class political and non-political people to observe closely about the system otherwise it will tempt another unfortunate scuffle to our future generation. Please read the attached reports carefully and compare the Nepalese state of affairs and emerged contemporary circumstances. The electoral composition and system are just not only a process of electoral administration rather it is a principal path of overall state operation and management. It is a strong tool of ethnic and social inclusion that would work as political modus operandi of any state or nation. I hope the attached reports will helpful and productive to all concerned parties and institutions. Thank you.

How Proportional are Mixed Compensatory Electoral Systems?

Choosing Electoral Systems: Proportional, Majoritarian and Mixed Systems

A quantitative study of mixed-member electoral systems in Central and Eastern Europe

Going It Alone? Strategic Entry under Mixed Electoral Rules

The Political Effects of the Introduction of “Two-Ballot Votes” System

Electoral engineering and inclusion of ethnic groups

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