Wednesday, November 7, 2007

UNMIN: Transcript of Question and Answer session

Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal,Press Conference 6 November 2007, Kathmandu,Transcript of Question and Answer session

Sam Taylor, AFP: Mr Martin, it’s a bit difficult, I am still digesting your statement. When youtalk about expanding of the mandate, first you talk about support to the implementation to the peace process. Can you explain in concrete terms what you mean about that support, what would that, could that be?

Ian Martin: There are a number of peace processes where there is implementation machinery defined which the United Nations participates in or supports. Indeed here in Nepal we were asked to be members of a broader advisory committee around the Peace Ministry. But many of the elements of agreements that have been reached, for example, the establishment of a high level monitoring committee, which we have always regarded as of great importance and were indeed asked in principle to assist; the establishment of a credible commission to investigate disappearances, which again has been repeatedly agreed but yet to be implemented in practice: these are among the kind of measures where I believe we could be of greater assistance to the parties in the follow-through on agreements that have been reached, sometimes more than once.
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