Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dadas of Nepal Politics

Satish Chandra Lal:

The three dadas of Nepal politics are chanting the mantra of CA election within the chaitra 2064. However, I have doubts about this. Perhaps other Nepalese have also doubts about this. My doubts are based on following grounds:

1. As per Election Commission, they need minimum of 90 days for holding election. There are little more than 90 days left. There is no consensus among the three dadas. Maoists are insisting on inclusion of militants in the military and round table meeting. Will it be possible to do these things within the time left. I think no. Since Maoists stand is clear they will not let to hold election until militants are included in military force.

2. The proportionate voting system only recognizes national parties.Regional parties are not recognized. In such situation parties having regional base such as MJF, Sadbhawana, new party to be formed by Thakur will have negligible vote in hills whereas they will have substantial vote in Madhesh. These parties will be forced to nominate hill people in the proportion of population. Will they agree for this? Similarly Janajati parties will get substantial vote in hills whereas they may not get substantial vote in madhesh. They will also not agree for nominating Madheshis. Therefore, election laws requires modification to address regional parties. If it is not done there will be little acceptance of CA by these parties. There are number of examples in other countries that the parties who have not been represented properly have denounced CA. If the elections are held as the law is, CA of Nepal will have same fate. If such CA approves any constitution it will not receive confidence of people and the movement of Madhesh will gain more strength. This may not look important from the view point of present rulers. However, it is very important and if the CA is forced in as is situation, it may lead to separatist movement.

3. It is said that the first deadline could not be met because of Madhesh movement. Has the situation of Madhesh movement changed? The government is not able to gain confidence of even those groups who are in peaceful movement. How does it think that the militants of Madhesh will be controlled?

4. The second deadline failed because Maoists disturbed it. Is the maoists ready for CA until their above mentioned poits are addressed.

Above points clearly show the dark future of CA Election. Does any one sees that the CA elections have bright future?

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