Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deadly clashes in southern Nepal

Source: Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)
Date: 20 Sep 2007
Death toll in southern Nepal rioting rises to २८

Kathmandu_(dpa) _ Nepalese police said Thursday that the scale of violence during three days of rioting in south-western Nepal was slowly coming to light with the discovery of at least 15 more bodies।

Police said the death toll in the violence, set off Saturday with the killing of a local politician who once headed a Maoist-retaliation committee, had now risen to at least 28। They said that figure could rise further because the whereabouts of many villagers in the area were unknown after they had fled the violence and their homes.

The 15 bodies were found in searches around Bisampur village Wednesday and Thursday morning, said police in the Kapilvastu district, about 200 kilometres south-west of Kathmandu। Eight of the bodies were charred beyond recognition, they added.

The majority of those killed were people from hill districts living in areas dominated by the Muslim community.
Rioting flared up Saturday when supporters of Mohit Khan, who was killed by unidentified gunman at his home, began protesting his death and looting and setting fire to buildings and cars। The rioting also spread to neighbouring towns and villages.

Khan headed an anti-Maoist vigilante group set up during King Gyanendra's direct rule two years ago.
Local people have accused the Maoists of carrying out Khan's killing, a charge denied by the former rebels who signed a peace agreement with the government last year after a decadelong conflict। They instead charged Khan with continuing anti-Maoist activities despite the retaliatory committee being disbanded.

Police said more than 350 people were injured in the rioting and 150 vehicles and more than 300 houses were set on fire।

Southern Nepal has seen frequent violence since the beginning of the year with rival political groups vying for control of supporters and territory। The violence has left at least 80 people dead.

The latest violence was the worst in Nepal in recent months, and the Nepalese Home Affairs Ministry said there were attempts to use it to fan communal hatred।

The situation was made worse by the inability of local security agencies to deal with the situation, and police were unable to send reinforcement to the affected areas.
Several towns in the Kailvastu district and surrounding areas remained under curfew for the sixth day Thursday। dpa kr ls Copyright (c) dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH
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