Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Laato Ka Bhoot Baato Se Nahi Manta

Laato Ka Bhoot Baato Se Nahi Manta

Anonymous observation,
19th September 2007
The nasty decision of Maoist to quit government's framework and open declaration of interrupting forthcoming CA election reflects the ill and corrupt intentions of Maoist. The decision raised lots of question on the honesty and identity of Maoist. A series of demands (22) being the major founding part of the persisting Interim parliament and government is nothing more different to a stubborn child nagging to buy a toy rolling himself in dust to create pressure on parents or could even be analogized to the heavy dowry asked for coward and mentally retarded boy sniffing the energylessness of the girl's family.

I don't know, what they are hungry of? Since April revolution and talks, they are exploiting all the state resources, who used to be hated as rebels occupied seats in parliament, Shared a ratio of dignified government posts with their extreme qualification of holding triggers. It’s as “Jis thali me khata hai, Usi me Chhed karta hai”.

Were they virtually pressurized by glamour of walking in to parliament or fed up of most comfortable jungle life with Rolex chronometers while signing the peace agreement to discover new unfulfilled wishes today? The wishes which were agreed to drill under the mechanism of an inclusive Constitutional Assembly. The 8 parties including Maoist have been talking about the regressive forces that they are trying to disrupt the CA election. However, who is now in front of disruption Palace or Maoist? Who expressed anti CA speech and commitment in open-air gathering on 18th September 2007? This is good time for Nepalese people and international community to know about the true regressive forces.

Peace agreement in UN supervision is not being looked up by Maoist. Will UN remain still or Security Council will try to enforce the agreement by using power tools? Moreover, the 2 powers north block and south block are observing horribly and the super power US has its own interest, so in case arm insurgency is reiterated, international intervention would be undeniable? Doesn’t it mean that Maoist want to push our country to next Afghanistan or Iraq?
The Maoist should realize that they are responsible for apx 15000 lives along with huge set of infrastructures under the tag of so called people’s war which would always be considered as humanitarian crime in world history also a possible case for in international court of justice in future.

Since the beginning, the coalition of PM G.P. Koirala has been fulfilling all the good and worst wishes and demands of Maoist like sacrifice offered to the furious God. The state gave them normal life by removing tag of terrorist, recognized them as political power, accepted UN involvement in negotiation and agreement and provided all the sophisticated facilities for the dialogue process they asked. Moreover, State accepted them in parliament and in Government like”Kahi Na Bhayeko Jatra Haadi Gaau Ma”. Further, Maoist guerrilla got physical facilities and salary, allowances from public tax collection against which normally doesn’t apply anywhere in cantonment. They got political quota in the all constitutional and state mechanism. They got privileged with all national internationally criticized privileges’ e.g. privilege to have arms body guards and more to their so called leaders. Finally, in 22 points demand PM Koirala cabinet accepted 20 demands but ultimately what are the outcomes of the all efforts?

Maoists with no faith to keep up in polls are trying to create an answer for decades long of extreme turbulence. They are possibly searching weapon to confront triviality of their jungle life. Hence, the Maoist proved that “Laato Ka Bhoot Baato Se Nahi Manta”. They proved them “They are good for nothing and only able to understand the language of muscle”. They just want be in status quo situation that they had learned since last 12 years in the jungle.

Be aware Maoist populace, the day will certainly come when Nepalese people will ask for the slaughter bloods, cost and compensation with Maoist leaders and their few thousands of so called guerrillas who are famous for stealing, looting, killing, murdering and terrorizing without considering any humanitarian emotions, people's need, national interest and state priority.

Therefore, in public observation, Nepal Government should get strict to control all kinds of illegal and violent activities if they go beyond the political ethics or dare to disrupt CA election. In that situation state should not wait or beg to prove its weakness or to recognize or legitimate such group as political parties because there is no way to deal with such parties, group or people who irresponsibly do not seek to understand the language of peace and negotiation.


Rajib Shrestha said...

I dnt know who is Author but I love this article. It is great and reflects the true situation.However, it is politically biased.

Kaashi Dahal said...

ye saathi dherai aggressive hunu bhayen, Maoist le ghurki dekhayeko ho, uniharu ta pradhanmantri lai abiswash ko prastab lagayer hataun lai natak gareko ho ni, aakhir bhager jaane maoist ko thau chhian. hernus, Maoist chunab bat jitne hoin, tyahi bhayer yeso ahile nai mouka paarer kehi pad haat paarihalau bhane rajniti ma chha, ab ta sarkar ko test li sakyo moj masti gari sakyo ab bhager kaha janchha?

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