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Defraud Maoists; Misfortune Of Nepalese Innocent Souls

Defraud Maoists; Misfortune Of Nepalese Innocent Souls

Arjun Bishta

Likelihoods of derailing the ongoing Peace process have been heightened with the defraud Maoists' recent unpredicted calls for capital punishments and announcement of their program for periodic agitations across the Nation. Maoists' these filthy moves are solely against the commitments of 8 party alliance, interests of Nepalese souls and international peace stakeholders. Especially the time, the Maoists choose to publicize their program raise serious concerns to the Nepalese Patriots. What a consequence? Maoists have called for the agitations, promptly after the Election Commission announced and publicized the detailed schedule of CA Polls. What a grand strategy? Comrades!

It proves that Maoists have great fears of CA Polls, because they have foreseen their sure defeats, so they now wish to disrupt it. I think, Nepalese Maoists are intoxicated with the hangovers of POLPOT, CHEGUEVERA and GUZMEN Style of rule in the country. Are they disoriented? Why are they dwelling in 21st centaury in quests of such out dated regimes? Don't they know that absolute communism in a democratic era will only have a transient survival? Traditional Communism will be a total failure in these sophisticated global villages, Comrades. If Maoists think of bringing turmoil in Nepal again, it is evident that the Nepalese innocent souls will spit over their corpses and curse their offspring also. So, Maoists are advised to learn the lessons from the past insurgencies in the World and behave accordingly, especially if they wish their shadows in Nepal. If not, for sure, their mere survival will be endangered here and they soon will be abolished.

Maoists' plight for CA polls deferral can not be excused at this sensitive and crucial period when all the instruments of national power are exposing functional solidarity for attaining long lasting peace in Nepal. How can the Maoists interpret the need of CA Polls in terms of a favorable or unfavorable situation for their party? Maoists should clearly understand that until they learn to respect the democratic norms and values and have respect for law of the country, CA Polls will always remain unfavorable to their Party. CA Polls are not only under dilemma, but are also under catastrophe. Maoists themselves had tabled 18 and 22 Points of their consents during 8 Party meetings on CA Polls. So, now how can they sideline and escape from it? CA Polls were the Maoists' main agenda. Now how can they proclaim that the CA Polls are not the serious issues? Miracle!

What ever rationales the Comrade Prachanda has been exposing to the Civil Societies regarding CA Polls, it is clear that those rationales are just the out come of Maoists defeated mentality. Why were the Maoists so eager to participate in CA Polls which were planned to be held in May, 2007 then? What is obstructing them for future CA Polls? May be the Maoists visualized that they now don't have national and international support, their combatants are in Cantonments under UN supervisions and Maoists will have difficulty in utilizing them, their intellectual sister organizations are weak at the moment and Maoists intent of making fusion of urban insurgency and people's war may not achieve desired success now.

So, I think the Maoists now fear to face the CA Polls. They may also have perceived that they can not harness more than 10% of the votes in CA Polls of any modalities, which will be a disaster for their existence in Nepal. Is this the reason, why the Maoists are so nervous now? It is evident that because of these reasons, Maoists are only exploring the face saving exits from the CA Polls. Maoists have self indicated their weaknesses by proposing functional, Policy making and Party mobilizing solidarity with NCP (UML) also. But Maoists' misfortune! They could not achieve it. In fact their day dreams of alienating with NCP (UML) to save their prestige during CA Polls have simply blown now, thus they are totally confused. These setbacks might compel Maoists to quit the Government also. Panicky Maoists are now searching for the suitable options for regenerating their struggles only. Maoists might have thought about announcing the capital punishments and program of future agitations under these delusions.

But, Comrade PRACHANDA! How can a governing political party, ruling under the constitution can seize laws of the land? Isn't it an undemocratic and inhumane attitude? Is this how the Maoists preserve human rights? What kind of rules of the land the Maoists' wish? These are the sheer violations of peoples' human rights and simply, are the Maoists' ghostly attacks over the innocent public's sentiment and grievances. If Maoists claim themselves of a legitimate party, then they have no rights at all to take any actions against living creatures of this Nation. Only the cruel and tyrants will accept these acts. Why does Nepal need legitimate and authoritative instruments of national power, if the country is ruled by hooligans? Scholars like Dr Babu Ram might disagree with my words and may voice for their freedom of expressions and human rights for calling of such program.

Literate Comrades! You surely can't expose attitudes of the illicit armed bands, because you are now a legitimate Political party. Are you dubious about your Party legitimacy? What happens if the Government treats Maoists with the parallel mechanism being used against the illicit armed groups across the Nation? Will they accept it? With what dignity the Maoists urged the Government to crush the TERAI movement which is the replica of the Maoists tactics? Now, I surly don't see any differences between the Maoists and criminals. Maoist Leaders! If you still have wisdoms, please better get rid of the past hangovers of PolPot's (Brother Number One) murderous, deranged, xenophobic, pseudo-revolutionary regime that abolished money over night, emptied the capital Phnom Penh in a day, sent the people to work as slave labor and carried out a wave of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia. You must understand that the tyrant Polpot received support from China and both Thailand and the USA turned a blind eye to his atrocities, because the Soviet Union, and its regional ally Vietnam, were seen as the bigger enemy in those days. But, this is not the situation in Nepal now. Copycat of mid-60s Cuban inspired insurrections by Che Guevara or Peru's Abimael Guzman's unpopular style of rebellions will not foster in Nepal. Those heydays have gone now.

Maoists also should forget the radical experiments to create an agrarian utopia inspired in part by Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution the "Great Leap Forward" economic program which included forced evacuations of Chinese cities and the purging of "class enemies." and Pol Pot's "Super Great Leap Forward" in Cambodia. Comrades!! Do not dream of the mere destruction of the existing government and replacing it with your totalitarian socialist utopia in Nepal, because the Circumstances are strange here. If you try, you will be astonished. Also remember the scenario of 1792 AD in France where the SANSCULOTES, identical to your YCL brought turmoil in the country in the name of communism and defamed themselves. Are these the Maoist motives in Nepal, also? Maoists, think again, you are merely surviving in Nepal now.

Nepalese people have clearly understood Maoists' grand ploys and are also aware of their report presented by their delegation at the meeting of CCOMPOSA, held in last week of June2007. Basing on the findings of their report, Nepalese are now alert to respond against Maoist hegemony. Similarly, Maoists must realize that National, regional and international circumstances are also not favoring for their planned struggle. So, If Maoists wish respects from Nepalese people they should now apply the wisdoms, leave self interests, step down, find middle path and accept the National reconciliation to protect Nepal's National interests. This is the only remedy for their existence in Nepal.

Maoists should better learn the lessons from Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia, Mozambique and other insurgency hit countries in the world where the leadership taught their cadres to go hand in hand with the common people to generate public trust and gain sympathy and support. Maoists; apply the same rules here. By this approach you will have easy access to the societies during future elections. Not the terror and intimidations, only wisdom and thoughts can transform a human of 21st centaury. Mind it. Dear Comrades! A Political Party which does not intimidate the society, keeps no proud and does not apply terror is always treated as ornaments. So the Maoists should respect the democratic norms and behaviors, leave the party interests now and call back the program of the agitations, if they think of strengthening the democracy and generate public Confidence. Comrades! Democracy does not accept the concept of me, mine, you and yours. It is the "we" system, where all the rich and poor have rights to survive under the same umbrella. Maoists should better understand that, if CA polls are disrupted now, this nation will definitely face a Democratic Intervention, very soon. Nepalese patriots will no more accept the Hitler, Polpot, Saddam Hussein or Idia Amin. So it is advised that Maoists should prove their re-commitments to the peace process and behave accordingly; or be ready to bear dire consequences.

Dear Comrades! Nepalese innocent people have lost their patience now. For the sake of destiny and the future of the Nation, all democratic people and parties will rise against Maoist hegemony and will sideline your Party. Just wait and watch. Mind it you are entangled by NAAG PAS (Cobras' Web). If the Maoists ignore the National Interests, very soon, the innocent ailing Nepalese souls will spit over their dead bodies and curse their offspring, forever. Comrades! These are just the feelings of an innocent Nepalese soul. You may take or discard these advices. Choice is always yours'. Any way! If you still think of further struggles , then I wish you Good Luck Comrades.
(This is old article, which is published on August 28 2007; however, it is still relevance in present context, so we decided to put here for group discussion purposes.)

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Bikash said...

This is good article and i agree with the ideology and argument of this author. He is 100% right.

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