Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Nepal judiciary is corrupt"

"Nepal judiciary is corrupt"

'Serpent' Charles Sobhraj in jail in Kathmandu

He is one of the world's most notorious killers but Charles Sobhraj is worried and has finally decided to knock the doors of the French president for help. Sobhraj - a French national - shot a letter to Nicholas Sarkozy saying that he was not getting fair trial in Nepal. His lawyer meanwhile has said, the Nepal judiciary is "corrupt".

Sobhraj is worried he may have to spend the rest of his life behind bars in Kathmandu, with the Nepalese Supreme Court postponing its verdict on his life sentence for the third time in two months.

"Nepali judges are corrupt"

His lawyer, speaking excusively to TIMES NOW from Paris, has upped the ante accusing the Nepalese judiciary of corruption.

"There is a lot of corruption in Nepal and there have been many evidences of various sections of people giving money to some judge. I supposed that there could be some 'enemy' that will use this to influence the Pattan court," said Sobhraj's defence lawyer Isabel Peyre.

"There are some people from the department of police who have fabricated documentation - for instance, they announced that they will open a new proceeding against Charles Sobhraj if the SC decides to free him. So I was obliged to deliver a press release on this question because it is completely illegal," said Peyre.

She said it was possible that the American girl he is accused of killing was involved in drug trafficking and had been done away with by her dealer. "I suppose - because in Kathmandu there is a lot of trafficking - that she was dealing with someone to buy drugs and killed by may be the dealer. There are many cases like that in Nepal, but Sobhraj has nothing to do with that," said Peyre.

The man who has allegedly committed over 39 murders in three continents now threatens to go on a hunger strike. His lawyer says the evidence against him for allegedly murdering 2 tourists in Nepal in 1975 is flimsy and that he is being victimised because of his reputation.

"It is completely crazy because there is nothing, nothing in fact, against Sobhraj to prove that he was in Nepal in 1975, in Kathmandu. It is not right that he has been kept in jail in Nepal since 2003 because this man was never in Nepal nor did he kill anybody there. He has just been jailed because he is a legend all over the world," said Peyre.

A French citizen, Sobhraj now wants the International Court of Justice and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to to intervene.

This is a gambit typical of the man, who has always kept himself in the media limelight. The question is, will it work?

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(Interview by Yogesh Raman)



Suren said...

This is right"Nepal judiciary is corrupt" and Judges are more corrupt than judiciary.This is most unfortunate for Nepal. The main reason of this corruption is overloaded political stupidity. Most of Nepalese politicians are stupids,difficult animals and human butcher. We should destroy the politics and revive Kingship but not Gyanendra or Parasha, may be a Baby king!

Anonymous said...

Sobhraj victim of Nepal's racism, lawyer tells French president
Posted on : 2007-12-27 | Author : Sudeshna Sarkar
News Category : Asia

Kathmandu, Dec 27 - Making a fresh effort for the release of Charles Sobhraj, who has been fighting a murder conviction in Nepal since 2003, his lawyer in Paris has asked the French president to intervene.

Her client is victim of anti-French racism, French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre has said.

The maverick lawyer, who in the past has defended such controversial figures as Carlos the Jackal, one of the world's most wanted terrorists, in her letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reminded him of his election pledge that he was the 'President of all French citizens, without any exception'.

'You have shown your determination in seeking the release of those who are arbitrarily or unjustly incarcerated, anywhere in the world, whether they be French citizens by blood or whether France has granted them French citizenship,' Coutant-Peyre's letter has said.

'You have succeeded in getting the release, from Libyan jails, of Bulgarian nurses and of one Palestinian doctor, from Tchadian prisons of some French and Spanish citizens, and you are now applying a lot of effort and perseverance to obtain the release of a French-Colombian citizen,' she has noted in the letter sent to the presidential palace.

'I am, therefore, turning to you, as the defence lawyer for Charles Sobhraj, a 63-year-old French citizen, who has been incarcerated in Kathmandu (Nepal) since Sep 2003.'

The lawyer has written to Sarkozy that Sobhraj was 'clearly the victim of an anti-French racist attitude on the part of the Nepalese police and judicial authorities, who keep on persecuting him by means of fake judicial procedures, on the basis of false documents'.

She has also pointed out that Nepal's courts have been delaying Sobhraj's trials and verdicts.

According to the fiery Coutant-Peyre, Sobhraj should have been released on Dec 19.

Nepal's supreme Court was scheduled to deliver its final verdict in the case of the 1975 murder of an American tourist, but the judges put off the judgement and ordered the reopening of another minor case that had already been resolved, Coutnt-Peyre noted.

Reminding Sarkozy that his intervention caused the trial of a French citizen in N'Djemana to be speeded up, the lawyer has asked him to intervene with Nepal's Girija Prasad Koirala government.

'Charles Sobhraj has been held hostage in Nepal since September 2003, despite the lack of any concrete charge or evidence against him, due to racist prejudices,' she said. 'He is entitled to your help.'

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